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Welcome To

Bernal Heights

An island above the city, providing breathtaking views and quick access to vibrant San Francisco culture.


Welcome to Bernal Heights

A primarily residential neighborhood featuring warmer temperatures and a sometimes much-needed escape from the city’s fog.

Amazing 360-degree views from Bernal Hill, great public schools, and a plethora of ethnic foods just blocks away are just three of the reasons Bernal Heights has become one of the city’s most desirable places to live for young families.

Referred to by some locals as “Maternal Hill,” Bernal Heights is undoubtedly one of best areas to raise a family in San Francisco. After seeing much growth over recent years with an influx of professionals from Bay Area tech, this neighborhood is on the up and up.

The Neighbors

A diverse and friendly crowd made up of people who are committed to keeping their neighborhood safe and who never fail to smile and say hello when passing you on the street.

Even with the gentrification that has taken place over recent years, you will find that Bernal Heights’ new shops and rising home values have yet to scare away the diverse roots stationed here. The area has also been praised as a perfect location for new families with 45% of its population representing families with kids under the age of 18, an entire 10% higher than the average for San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

What to Expect

The hills of Bernal Heights maintain a cozy neighborhood vibe while the vibrant culture of the Mission is situated just next door.

In regards to architecture, you can expect to find postmodern style builds scattered throughout Bernal Heights, functioning as popular replacements for the early suburban tract homes which still dominate the area. You will also find that the majority of homes here (60%) are owned, another factor contributing to the cozy feel Bernal Heights residents enjoy.

The Lifestyle

Rich small-town feel that’s highly regarded by its many young professionals.

Taking a quick stroll through the narrow streets of Bernal Heights will immediately draw you into what can be best described as an urban-suburban feel: exposing you to the alluring qualities of both worlds.

Unexpected Appeal

While best known for being family friendly, Bernal Heights has also established a name for itself through its somewhat under-the-radar foodie culture.

A walk down Cortland Avenue will reveal a bounty of neat coffee shops and restaurants serving Instagram-worthey dishes. Not only will you likely never run out of new foods to try, you will also rarely require anything more than your feet to get you there.

The Market

A highly-desirable area that can be seen through enormous growth, not only in home values, but in new attractions.

The Bernal Heights real estate market is dominated by a younger demographic and has been attracting such for years. With the median home value here at just over one million, you are likely to find more than enough amazing options that support a spacious California lifestyle. In regards to how this area has grown over the years, you will find that home values in Bernal Heights appreciated 110% during the period of 2012-2018: something that’s made it one of the city’s hottest neighborhoods for newcomers.

You'll Fall in Love With

Adventures to the top of Bernal Hill and the views you’ll find there.

This neighborhood’s parks and outdoor recreation spaces are a huge factor in drawing families to the area, giving kids plenty of space to roam and providing some of the best ways to feast your eyes upon the entire city from above.





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