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Welcome To

The Richmond

Tucked away between Golden Gate Park and The Presidio, you'll find some of the city's most interesting styles.


Welcome to The Richmond

Tucked away between Golden Gate Park and The Presidio, the Richmond district provides you with primarily Marina-style homes: some of the most interesting styles in the city.

Although surrounded by nature on the northeastern side of San Francisco, you can be sure to find the spirit of the city through its hundreds of shops and restaurants which charter a path along Geary and Clement.

The Inner Richmond, located nearer to the center of the city, showcases a more active lifestyle with newer developments while the Outer Richmond maintains its historic appeal and quieter demeanor: perfect for families and retirees.

The Neighbors

Known for being a very walkable area, you are bound to connect with the friendly crowd here and learn that diversity is flourishing.

While containing all the key demographics you might find across the city, the Richmond possesses a higher concentration of eastern Europeans and people of Asian descent. Known for being mellow compared to the rest of the city, you will thoroughly enjoy the slightly older demographic of people who live in the Richmond and the great cuisine their cultures have established here: the Asian food being one to stand out for most. Moreover, because of its proximity to the University of San Francisco, you will find many students reside in rentals throughout the Inner Richmond.

What to Expect

The city’s recent changes personified in the form of new shops, new restaurants, new residents.

With its beautiful buildings, surrounding green space, many shops and diverse eateries, the Richmond is a neighborhood that has achieved the perfect balance between nature and civilization. A mere 25-minute bus ride takes you to the center of the city while a brief walk in almost any direction will leave you enveloped by some of the most highly-regarded natural landscapes that San Francisco has to offer.

Unexpected Appeal

Small-town vibes, made possible by its numerous quaint shopping areas.

Never having to walk far to find what you need is a luxury found in practically all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, yet, the Richmond sets itself apart with its small family-owned businesses and quieter streets.

The Market

Filled to the brim with timeless architecture, there is no shortage of colorful homes here to keep homebuyers looking.

The median home price of the area as a whole for 2020 was $1,700,000, roughly $130,000 up from two years prior. Average prices are lower than this figure, however, for homes in the Outer Richmond area and higher in the Inner Richmond where life is a bit faster.

You'll Fall in Love With

The trees and the fog that often gathers among their highest branches.

It’s hard to look past the privilege of being so immersed in nature. While all residents of the city spend some amount of time exploring San Francisco’s many green attractions, you will undoubtedly cherish the ability to find yourself among the trees within minutes.





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