Welcome To

The Sunset

A spactacularly positioned neighborhood offering Southern California beach vibes.


Welcome to The Sunset

Bordering both Golden Gate park and Ocean Beach, the Sunset is one of San Francisco’s most spectacularly positioned neighborhoods.

Being the largest of all the city’s neighborhoods, it attracts a wide range of people and supports seemingly every lifestyle. Keep in mind that having the Pacific Ocean right next door means this area supports cooler summers and milder winters.

Since the land upon which the Sunset District now sits was once home to nothing more than an intersection between sand and forest (known as the “Outside Lands”, you will find yourself indulging in its many beautiful remains. Losing yourself in the avenues of this neighborhood will positively lead you to many of San Francisco’s hidden gems: Lake Merced, Stern Grove, The Inner Sunset Farmers’ Market, or the San Francisco Zoo to name a few.

The Neighbors

A prosperous hub for diversity with income levels exceeding 85% of neighborhoods in America.

Containing wealthy individuals from all walks of life is not unfamiliar to San Francisco: moreover, the Sunset makes no exception while its residents continue to exude tremendous pride for their community and their roots. Just over 50% of residents here have been born in another country, making it a place where worlds collide: a tremendous value for any city and an amazing thing to become a part of.

What to Expect

A flatter landscape and shorter buildings gives the Sunset a Southern California beach vibe, yet you will find some of the city’s most affordable, hip, and culturally diverse cuisine.

There are two major factors involved in providing you with amazing dining experiences in the Sunset: its size and its people. The Sunset contains 99,000 people and includes a perfect amalgamation of newcomers along with second and third-generation Irish and Asian immigrants. A strong history coupled with a steady flow of new cultures and ideas makes for dining that draws crowds from all over San Francisco. Thanh Long’s Viatnamese restaurant is an example of the extent to which history has been preserved and honored within this neighborhood’s cuisine. Established in 1971, Thanh Long has prided itself on being the oldest Vientnamese restaurant in San Francisco and tells a beautiful tale of a family finding refuge here after fleeing their homes in South Vietnam. The food here does more for you than satisfy hunger, it binds the community together and reminds people of where they came from and the potential for where they, and their predecessors, are going.

The Lifestyle

Big-city perks combined with the peace and quiet of the suburbs.

With a tranquil vibe and the quiet locale of its many parks, the people here enjoy a getaway from the fast pace and noisiness of typical city life. This neighborhood’s versatility means you can become a renaissance individual: join the surf culture, become an explorer of its green parks and amazing views, refine your world-class palate through various cuisines, or work your way up to a highrise office and watch the city from above as it comes alive each day.

Unexpected Appeal

Over 54% of homes here are categorized as row houses or other attached homes, giving this area an abundance of charm you’ll have to see for yourself.

While only 1% of U.S. neighborhoods surpass the Sunset in this respect, you can be sure to feel an amazing sense of uniqueness from your community. Another aspect of this area that adds to the charm is its exceptionally high percentage of bicycle commuters, recorded at 6.2% and surpassing roughly 98% of American neighborhoods. While bringing a bicycle into the Sunset is undoubtedly an exceptional way to uncover everything this place has to offer, roughly half of residents here still require a car to get to work.

The Market

A buzzing cultural center reflected in rising sales prices.

The Sunset’s real estate market is dominated by small to medium sized townhomes and single family homes built roughly between 1940 and 1970. The median selling price in 2020 for homes here is just under 1.5 million, $200,000 up from just two years prior.

You'll Fall in Love With

Golden Gate Park and all it has to offer.

If you live anywhere in San Francisco you will eventually find yourself partaking in the many activities Golden Gate Park provides. From lounging on any of its fields of grass to exploring historical sites such as the DeYoung Museum, The Japanese Tea Garden, or Kezar Stadium for a run around the track, you will find there is something for everyone. Moreover, since the park does draw in people from all over, you will see and experience things found nowhere else. With none of San Francisco’s hilly climbs in your way, it will become that much easier to find yourself lost in the park at every opportunity.





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