Welcome To

West Portal

West Portal functions as its own small city, tucked away among some of San Francisco's most amazing residential parks.


Welcome to West Portal

Functioning as its own self-sufficient city, West Portal offers you everything you need with access to its light rail station and string of businesses all along West Portal Avenue.

Residents here enjoy having a balance between the neighborhood’s small-town suburban feel and the many conveniences of San Francisco’s city life right next door. West Portal Avenue supplies shopping, dining, and entertainment for more than just West Portal, but the surrounding neighborhoods as well. As for the suburban feel, you will find the residential parts of this small neighborhood are lined with colorful front gardens and quieter streets.

The Neighbors

An older demographic of affluent families, retirees, and the occasional college student enjoying the quaint atmosphere.

Over the years, West Portal and the surrounding neighborhoods have slowly transitioned towards acquiring that small-town vibe which comes from tight-knit communities of families and older demographics settling in and establishing long-term lives for themselves. Since West portal offers most of the attractions for the surrounding neighborhoods, you can expect to become familiar with residents from places like St. Francis Wood, Forest Hill, and Parkside.

What to Expect

An urban hub containing a plethora of gems that have been around for generations.

West Portal is its own village, home to a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and businesses that will bring you back to an earlier era and tie you to some of the city’s best history. While you’re not likely to have a wild Vegas-type night in this neighborhood, you can expect to fulfill your every need for diverse dining, unique shopping, and good company.

The Lifestyle

Life in West Portal offers an escape from big-city trends and gives residents a place to bask in their roots.

Since West Portal does contain an older demographic, you’ll find that residents here have found a way to get everything they need without walking too far. People here cannot get enough of the small-town lifestyle and a day-trip to West Portal Avenue will reveal just how robust the environment is. With 44 shops, 30 restaurants, two grocery stores and about ten options for nightlife all within walking distance, you can see how such a lifestyle has been nurtured.

Unexpected Appeal

While born a hub for commercial use, West Portal has adopted qualities of the area’s neighboring residential parks.

Like its surrounding neighborhoods, West Portal was part of a larger plan to transform the way San Francisco developed homes among the hills and nature. As a result, homes here are spaced out a bit more, contain more variety, and allow for nature to flourish.

The Market

A very competitive market showing stable prices over time.

The West Portal real estate market is dominated by single-family homes, with median prices as follows: 2 bed at $1.08M, 3 bed at $1.69M, and 4 bed priced at a median of $1.8M. An influx of wealthier people over the years has caused this neighborhood to resemble that of nearby residential parks like St. Francis Wood: very desirable places to live and therefore quite exclusive.

You'll Fall in Love With

West Portal Avenue.

Providing shopping, dining, and entertainment for many in the area, West Portal Avenue is undoubtedly a place you will spend a significant amount of time exploring. As mentioned earlier, this single stretch of land makes it possible for thousands of people to find everything they need without ever getting in their cars. This street is something that locals want all to themselves. You’re going to have to work hard to get in on the action, but it will be worth it.





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